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September 2011

Obama Administration Banking On Next-Generation Nukes

The Fukushima nuclear disaster has done nothing to deter the Department of Energy from its pursuit of next generation and small modular nuclear reactors, according to the DOE's First Quadrennial Technology Review, released Wednesday.
The outlook…

Americans Choke While Obama Courts Votes, Activists Charge

Clean-air activists in President Obama's home state were ready when his Environmental Protection Agency announced today it would follow a 2008 clean-air standard set by the Bush Administration.
Environment Illinois released a report claiming…

European Gas Giant Backs French Fear Of Fracking

Europe's largest natural gas firm, the Paris-based GDF Suez, agrees with the French government that hydraulic fracturing must be made safer for the environment before it is used to develop natural gas from shale resources in Europe.
"There will be no…

Time To Monitor Changing Oceans, Scientists Argue

Scientists need to build long-term networks to observe marine ecosystems as they undergo increasing effects from climate change, a team of scientists will argue in a review of recent research due for publication in December.
Every marine ecosystem…