July 2015

Fossil Carbon Muddies The New Clean Fuels

Even if it gets its energy from the sun, the burgeoning sustainable fuels industry will only worsen climate change if it gets CO2 from the earth and not from the air, an expert on the carbon cycle said Tuesday.
Sustainable fuels are hydrocarbon…

US Missed An Opportunity To Cut Carbon At Lower Cost

The United States missed an opportunity to fuel its renewables revolution at a fraction of the cost when it failed to put a price on carbon, John Rowe, former CEO and chairman emeritus of Exelon Corp, said Wednesday in Chicago.
"As far as I'm…

3 Ways To Keep Solar and Wind Booming

Extending imperiled subsidies for renewable energy may not be the best way to maintain the revolutionary growth of solar and wind, the International Energy Agency's policy honcho said in Washington D.C. Friday.
Technologies benefit from different…