March 2022

When cities build protected bike lanes, it doesn’t just save the lives of current bicyclists, said a leading global health expert, it saves lives by getting sedentary people out of their cars. “Because of our over-dependence on the private motorized vehicle, we are leading sedentary lifestyles,” said Jonathan Patz, director of the Global Health Institute [...]

The pollutants driving the climate crisis are also making people sick, and as the crisis worsens people are getting sicker. That’s the bad news. Now the good: Mitigating the climate crisis, according to a global health expert, would eliminate nearly half of the world’s premature deaths. “When you think about what it means to get [...]

PALOMINO, COLOMBIA — Sandbags and seawalls have proven feeble against the hunger of the sea as it devours the beach in this Caribbean coastal town. (Photo by Jeff McMahon) PALOMINO, COLOMBIA — A brief hike east or west from this Caribbean coastal town reveals long expanses of light gray sand, pounded by waves, backed by [...]