April 2017

American electric companies are keeping a close watch on President Trump's unraveling of Obama Administration climate and clean-energy policies, but they do not appear to be changing course because of it.
Utilities are holding fast to a clean-energy…

Big Fuel Savings From Autonomous Vehicles

By 2050, connected autonomous vehicles could reduce fuel consumption by as much as 44 percent for passenger vehicles and 18 percent for trucks, according to a new study released by the Energy Information Administration.
However, those gains could be…

How To Kill A Mockingbird (with Yoga)

by Jeff McMahon
A friend of mine is being tormented by a mockingbird singing in the dead of night. The bird sings in a tree outside her window, wakes her up. She knows she only has so much time to sleep, she gets tense, she can’t sleep.
The bird goes…