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September 2013

Second of two parts. Read part one here.
If you're an electricity thief, watch out for the Smart Grid.
"Utilities have been using the Smart Grid data to find all kinds of creative ways that people have been stealing electricity," said Mel Gehrs, a…

Utilities Dumbstruck By Big Data From Smarter Grid

First of Two Parts
As the electric grid gets smarter, vast quantities of data are arriving at utility companies that have no idea what to do with them, according to electric industry experts who gathered in Chicago this morning.
Electric utilities…

Utilities Promise More Jobs With Smart Grid

Prospects look dim for meter readers in an era when meters can read themselves and communicate instantly with the home office, but representatives from two large Midwestern utilities all but promised Monday there would be continuing jobs for meter…

Four Ways The Solar Boom Has Rattled Utilities

The U.S. boom in solar installations has disrupted revenue, workflow, and forecasting at large utilities, according to utility consultants, partners and affiliates who gathered this morning in Chicago.
Solar power installations grew by 76 percent in…