Be alert, Americans: socialism may be all around us

Pesky socialists. There’s no shortage of TV bloviators and town hall loons calling them out, but they still seem to get their red hands on the levers of America. And it seems their red hands have been everywhere. On his blog, You Don’t Say, the bow-tie wearing former Baltimore Sun copyediting guru John McIntyre sniffs out some 1912 Socialist Party planks that have crept into American life. Things like:
[S]ecuring for every worker a rest period of not less than a day and a half in each week.
[F]orbidding the employment of children under sixteen years of age.
[A]bolishing official charity and substituting a non-contributary system of old age pensions, a general system of insurance by the State of all its members against unemployment and invalidism and a system of compulsory insurance by employers of their workers, without cost to the latter, against industrial diseases, accidents and death….
Unrestricted and equal suffrage for men and women…
The enactment of further measures for general education and particularly for vocational education in useful pursuits. The Bureau of Education to be made a department.
and more via You Don’t Say: Are you a closet Socialist?.

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