For clean air, there’s no place like Fargo

After chewing on numbers from the Environmental Protection Agency for months, the American Lung Association released its 2009 report on local air pollution today, and I don’t know about your home town, but things are looking hazy in Chicago, the City that Coughs.
Cook County got an F for ozone and an F for particle pollution, for an overall grade of F, making us feel like Barack Obama at a tea party. They figure 2.3 million of us are at risk from some terrible disease caused by air pollution, which is almost half of the Chicagoland population. The other half are superheroes.
So now we can either move to Fargo, America’s cleanest city, and become fans of the Redhawks baseball club, or we can stay true to the White Sox and look at the bright side: we’re not even in the top 25 most polluted cities. Sixty percent of Americans live in high pollution areas, according to this report. You can find out if your hometown is more or less fortunate from the Lung Association’s State of the Air report.

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