More of the Arctic ice photos kept secret by the Bush Administration

Almost two weeks ago, the Obama Administration declassified about 1,000 satellite photographs of Arctic ice the Bush Administration had kept under wraps. The photos didn’t make much of a splash until this morning, however, when two English newspapers, the Guardian and the Daily Mail, published this startling specimen:
But that’s just the beginning of a series of disturbing images anyone can view at the U.S. Geological Survey’s Global Fiducials Library. Here’s a six-year change in the Beaufort Sea:
And evidence of the retreat of the Bering Glacier:
The photographs were taken by spy satellites, then requested by scientists as part of a program that allows scientists to request classified photographs of environmentally sensitive areas. At the time, the Bush Administration released the photographs to the scientists but deemed them unsuitable for public release. Earlier this month, the National Academy of Sciences recommended the Obama Administration declassify the photos. The Interior Department released the photos to the public the same day, as reported July 16 by Reuters.
I’ll be sending copies of these to my Aunt Edna. I recommend you do the same.

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